Listening is one of four skills that are hard to conquer when learning Japanese. So how do you practice listening to Japanese? In order to help you listen to Japanese, we would like to share with you the secret of effective Japanese listening practice.

How to practice listening Japanese effectively

  • Listen to natural reflexes
  • Listening comprehension
  • Listen to what you like
  • Listen regularly
  • Listen and learn vocabulary
  • Take Advantage of the Digital Age

Listen to natural reflexes

Give yourself an opportunity to listen to Japanese naturally, for example talking to Japanese people, listening to tapes, TV, CD, just turn on and listen to it when you have time. You may not understand it all, but listening to this way makes you familiar with Japanese.

Practitioners who are familiar with the language do not need to understand the meaning. Listen to very slow, short Japanese speeches and popular voices. You try to plan 1-2 hours of persistent listening practice.

Listening comprehension

This step requires you to work hard and have to listen methodically. Can combine listening and speaking with grammar learning and writing skills. So you will create a habit of using Japanese effectively.

Thus, it can be seen that regular listening is a method that always brings high efficiency for you. This is the turning point to help you complete the remaining skills. When listening to Japanese well, your reflexes when communicating will be higher.

Listen to what you like

For example, for girls, listen to songs about fashion, travel or beauty. Listening to these topics will increase your interest and learning will be very effective, you can study at any time!

Listen regularly

If you listen to the Japanese very well but don’t spend much time practicing it? After a while, your hearing ability will definitely decrease.
To get a good start, you should listen to simple, understandable and slow rhythms. But we often ignore such listening because you feel it’s too easy. Actually, this is the most effective way to listen to the Japanese. Listen to the pronunciation, tone, …

Listen and learn vocabulary

We listen to the pronunciation every word then repeat, so many times it will get a “native” pronunciation. Moreover, you have an admirable vocabulary and strong perseverance to resilience.

Take Advantage of the Digital Age

You can now go online and listen to an incredible range of Japanese TV programs, films, radio shows and more.
You can find listening resources covering there are video streaming sites that allow you to watch anime, dramas, movies, and TV shows.

It is also thanks to the internet that it is quite simple to arrange video chats through Skype, etc., which allow you to experience real-time Japanese speaking and listening practice. This would involve identifying a language partner through an exchange website such as Japan-Guide or Conversation Exchange.

Hopefully, with useful knowledge, you will choose for yourself an effective method of listening to Japanese. Don’t forget to bookmark these methods to practice regularly.