We help our student to improve their Japanese language skills not only through books but also from Audio-Visual programs. Audio-Visual classes includes listening practice, vocabulary practice, video quiz and so on. Also once in a week we play documentary videos which reflects the living standard of Japan, their teaching styles and many more. We keep on organizing different types of extra curricular activities such as cultural festival, food festival, exchange programs, speech contest. We invite Japanese volunteers from different Japanese universities and let them take special classes so that our students can learn the accent of Japanese Language.


Visa interview is an important step prior to the final confirmation of student visa approval for most countries. Your interview could fasten or delay your visa processing. Therefore, it is crucial that you prepare for the interview and address all concerns of the visa officer. The interview is taken by the ambassador or visa officer who may ask you a range of questions mainly to ensure that your application case is genuine and your intentions align with what is being written in the application form. The officer is a trained professional, who could ask multiple unrelated questions, not to annoy you but to know your real interests and objectives. If you are prepared, you can enjoy this process and meeting with someone who opens the door of a new country for you.

Nepal Japan International Education School provides the Japanese and Nepalese language classes using audio/visual technology. Furthermore this institution provides consultancy services for higher education in Japan.  Some major services are as follows:

Cultural exchange program

We have a culture exchange programme between Nepal and Japan.