Most people learn Japanese to serve their future work. The fact that, whether studying abroad, working or just for entertainment, the ultimate goal of learning Japanese you must communicate.

This article will cover Top 4 effective ways to learn Japanese communication in a short time, start right away!

Top 3 effective ways to learn Japanese communication

  • Practice daily communication
  • Confidently learn Japanese communication
  • Watch Japanese movies

1.Practice daily communication

Who do you practice Japanese communication with?

You can practice with friends and teachers or take Japanese language courses online, join Japanese clubs, etc. Besides, you can use applications related to Japanese to record and check its pronunciation. This is the most effective way to learn Japanese communication without spending too much money.

Where do you practice Japanese communication?

Plan and divide your practice time every day from 1 to 2 hours depending on your learning goals. Weekends summarize knowledge for 7 days you learned and memorized comprehensively.

  • For listening skills: only listening more can improve this skill. Try to listen to a lot of Japanese through the internet, movies, travel with native speakers …
  • For speaking skills: Start practicing speaking with short sentences with the most basic phrases. Gradually increase with simple to difficult conversations.

Listening and answering questions is also an effective and interesting way of learning Japanese communication. When listening to a question you must understand the meaning and how to arrange answers in a reasonable layout. It will help you have quick reflected.

2. Confidently learn Japanese communication

One of the drawbacks of learners when learning a language is lack of confidence and fear of wrong. Instead of your inferiority about your ability, you should find a way to fix it.

How do I know if I’m right or wrong in communication?

You can ask the teachers, the money-settlers to fix the errors. At the same time, you should also record your voice during practice so that you can identify the mistakes yourself.

How to confidently learn Japanese communication?

Confidence comes when you know the basics of knowledge to help you communicate well.

If your Japanese grammar is not enough, use the simplest sentences possible. You can combine with body language. Instead of exploring yourself at home, join clubs or offline sessions to get more exposure to the Japanese environment.

3. Watch Japanese movies

Japanese films are an extremely effective communication environment. Through Japanese movies, you will learn many communication skills such as intonation, Japanese usage in specific situations in life. In addition, you can learn more about the Japanese communication culture.

You need to actively observe the context, words and sentence syntax used in each scene. Listen to the pronunciation, emphasize and repeat as soon as possible.